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Temporary Water Supply

Using custom made water tankers and 4×4 towed bowsers, we deliver high volumes nationwide 24/7.

From 1,200 litres to 30,000 litres in one load, we deliver in rapid response for emergencies and offer tanker support for any event.

Bulk Water Supply and Delivery

Watermills provide bulk drinking water deliveries and transfers for commercial, domestic and utility companies, moving large amounts of water to locations without supply, low pressure or not suitable for drinking.

static drinking water tanks

Bulk Water Supply Capacity

 ​Bulk delivery vehicles are available in;

  • 1,000 litres (4×4 towed bowser)
  • 2,500 litres (4×4 towed bowser)
  • 15,000 litres
  • 30,000 litres

​When mains water supply is interrupted or contaminated, we can provide a replacement source from bottled water to large volume bowsers and tankers. We have in recent months been supplying a wide range of services to construction and events providing sites without mains water supply a safe and convenient alternative.

Drinking Water Delivery

​Using our custom made drining water tankers, with pumps fitted internally we are environmentally friendly and flexible on delivery. Every tanker is equipped with a minimum of 50 meters of hose with more available upon request.

Water Tanker Delivery Prices

Drinking Water Storage

Watermills have a range of water storage equipment that can be used to store both drinking water and fresh water. Tanks that are not WRAS approved are not suitable for holding drinking water.

Water Storage Tanks



Swimming Pool Fills

Watermills specialises in bulk water delivery and we are pioneering developments in temporary water infrastructure.

​Our fleet of tankers routinely service the entire country, filling domestic and commercial swimming pools and spa baths.

​Our fleet can supply up to 30,000 litres in one load with an arctic water tanker. However, in built up urban areas we have smaller tankers and bowsers that are more mobile and flexible on delivery.

This means if domestically it is impractical or not legal (e.g. hose pipe ban) to fill up your pool or hot tub/jacuzzi we can do the hard work for you.

Bulk Water Delivery for Filling Swimming Pools 


Bottled Water

We sell wholesale bottled water for delivery or collection, we provide chilled bottled water from fridge vehicles and trailers subject to availability.

Many events will require both bottled water and drinking water supply, for example, sporting events such as the London Marathon. In case of an emergency or event we can deliver bottled water or use pallet subcontractors to deliver within 24 hours if needed. Our minimum order is 1 pallet unless you’re local to us in Surrey, then we can deliver by the case.

As an alternative to bottled water, Watermills has responded to our customers requests which were to explore available options to reduce use of bottles at festivals and public events by promoting reuse.

Bottled water prices vary due to location and size of order. Weekend delivery charges will apply. Bottle sizes include 330ml, 500ml (optional sports cap) and 1.5L. Also available in sparkling…

Bulk Bottled Water Delivery


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