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Water Supply Equipment

All our water tankers and equipment used to transfer water are dedicated to the delivery of drinking water. We do not use them for anything else, as doing so would compromise DWI compliance.

Water Tankers

We specialise in transferring water from where it is available to where it isn’t – sounds simple, but our operational procedures and ongoing training allows us to maintain compliance. Wholesome water must be maintained and due diligence is the only way to provide such services. Sizes available are 16,000 litres and 26,000 litres.​​

Our tankers are mobile nationwide 24/7 supplying pure drinking water in bulk.

Water Storage Tanks

Static drinking water storage tanks are standalone tanks, resting on a strong frame suitable for lifting by a crane. Every tank is compliant with Regulation 31 and prepared, audited throughout its life span with us.​

We know its complete history and when returned to our operations depot are without fail cleaned and prepared in accordance with industry guidelines and our own special procedures.​

For this reason, all our static tanks are available for rental only. Together with our separate boosting pumps they are often the best solution to an alternative water supply option.​

Sizes available are 1,000, 1,200, 1,800, 5,000 and 10,000 litre capacities.

Water Heaters

All heaters are available for hire; pipework and fittings are available upon request. Our heaters are used for hand-wash stations, heated water supply, event water supply, welfare/kitchens and equipment cleaning.​

Water Booster Sets

Water pumps and pressure boosters are used in various applications to ensure there is always sufficient water pressure and flow.​​

The entire pipe network all the way to the various end points is designed in such a way that water always flows out of the taps and other outlets without a hitch.​

We are happy to select the pressure booster you need for your water facility, which will also suit the particular installation you have chosen. In cold periods we make sure the pressure boosters are properly insulated so that the water cannot freeze.​

The capacity of the pressure booster depends, of course, on the pipe to which it is connected. We are happy to advise you, free of obligation, in your choice of pump or installation.

Hand-Wash Stations

Watermills’ revolutionary hand-wash and drinking water station is a new and innovative water delivery system. This drinking station is perfect for camping events and outdoor events. Each station has 8 taps allowing water access to more people.​

These washing and drinking stations are essential for servicing large groups of people in a convenient way. Watermills has responded to the needs of the outdoor events and temporary structures concerns regarding personal washing and equipment cleaning.​

Water Bowsers

Our water bowsers are “tanks on wheels,” but there are various types of bowsers due to the requirements of the customer. Watermills only stocks highway bowsers as they are suitable to hold drinking water, road equipped and specific to our needs of transportation. However, not all highway bowsers can hold drinking water, just because they are the same shape and colour, does not mean they meet the standards required, ours are Regulation 31 approved.​

Watermills delivers water via bowser by 4×4 towed vehicles which are designed to pull heavy weights up to 3.5 tons, our Toyota Land Cruisers, Hilux, Land Rover Defenders and VW Touaregs.​

We collect the water as close as possible to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicles keeping carbon footprint to a minimum. We use our bowsers for replenishment of static and pillow tanks in remote areas where larger trucks do not have access. For example, cleaning of radio masts situated in mountains or on a busy event where tankers will not be suitable.​

We also use bowsers for soak-away tests for geotechnical companies, film sets on the move, areas where a static tank cannot be deployed due to any crane of forklift availability.​

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