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Water Storage Tanks

At Watermills we stock a range of drinking water storage tanks, each of which is WRAS approved.

All water storage tanks are subject to our chlorination and audit regime (which form part of our Quality Management System, or QMS), conforming with both BS8551:2015 and BS8550:2010.

Potable water contained within the tanks does not have to be used for drinking; all water supplied by Watermills is suitable for industrial or construction use. Compliance with the various British Standards and Water Regulations means that we do not differentiate in the quality of our tanks going to different sites. Watermills maintains the highest standards across our water tank fleet.

static drinking water storage tankss

Drinking Water Storage Tank Range:

  • 2000 litre static water tanks with 2 x built in gravity fed taps
  • 5000 litre static water tanks
  • 10 000 litre static water tanks
  • 50 000 litre water pillow tanks (bladder tanks)
  • 100 000 litre water pillow tanks (bladder tanks)

In addition to the above, our 2000 litre road bowsers and 30 000 litre artic tanker trailers can also be used as bulk water storage.

All of the above equipment can be connected to either a 230v single phase or 415v three phase electric pump. Petrol powered pumps can also be used.

Our water tanks can be used as a stand-alone solution to a temporary or emergency water supply situation, or they can form park of a much larger water supply network suitable for  a festival or large sporting event.

To find out more about our range of drinking water tanks, please call 01276 858 869 or email info@watermills.net

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