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Building Site Water and Welfare Requirements

Watermills can provide a full temporary water supply solution to any construction site, or any part thereof, inclusive of: water storage tanks; water pump and plumbing.

Watermills can also deliver safe, potable water by bowser or tanker to any site that does not have a mains water supply.


Welfare Water Requirements

It is the responsibility of all contractors to ensure that their construction workers have access to welfare facilities while working onsite. The provision of such facilities is a legal duty, which is the joint responsibility of contractors and their clients; as laid out within the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2007.

The facilities required are dependent on the size and duration of a project. They include, but are not limited to the following:

Drinking Water

An adequate supply of clean, wholesome drinking water must be freely available to all workers on site, whether they are office based, or undertaking building tasks. Drinking water supplies should ideally be mains fed, however in areas where a mains feed is not available, a temporary water supply which meets the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations and BS8551:2015 must be installed. Drinking water points can be set up anywhere on site to ensure the continued hydration of all site staff.

Watermills will be pleased to offer any advice you may need along with a free quotation, without obligation, for the provision of such a water supply.

Rest Rooms

Rest rooms are required on site to ensure workers have somewhere to take their breaks in a sufficiently warm and appropriately equipped space. The room/s should ideally include a potable water supply, tables and seating, along with means of heating food and drinks (such as microwaves and catering urns), and (space) heater for use during cold weather.

Washing Facilities

Construction workers should have access to washing facilities so that they can keep themselves clean throughout the day. Washing facilities should be placed next to toilet and changing facilities. Hot and cold water must be made available. Soap and towels should also be provided together with sinks that are large enough for any worker to wash his/her hands, arms, and face.

Construction sites where hazardous or toxic substances are present must make provision for a separate shower unit for workers.


The number of toilet facilities required for any site is determined by the expected amount of workers. As with the drinking water supply, the onsite toilet facilities will ideally be connected to incoming mains water. However, if this is not available a temporary water supply should be used. For remote areas of a site, or where site plumbing is not possible, chemical toilets can be used.

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