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Drinking Water for TV & Film  – 24/7

Whether you are a major studio working on the next blockbuster or a small independent filmmaker, Watermills can provide your TV or Film production with water supply to the locations you wish to use.

We offer products and services that can fulfil all of your water requirements for your location shoot. Watermills can supplement or replace inadequate mains water supply at remote, protected or otherwise restricted locations.

Watermills supplies safe potable water, for special effects and welfare requirements.

Why Watermills?

It is the responsibility of the production company/employer to ensure a clean, wholesome drinking water supply. They must ensure that requirements of BS8551:2015 (are met, along with the relevant Water Regulations (Water Supply, Water Quality\Private Water Supply Regs etc.).

Watermills provide peace of mind. We will work along-side you and co-ordinate with third parties such as the local environmental health officer and water company Water Regulation Enforcement Officer, ensuring full regulatory compliance and keeping your cast and crew safe.

For free help and information regarding the provision of a water supply at your next location shoot, please call us on 01276 858 869, or email info@watermills.net


Water for Drinking & Welfare

Watermills can supply and install stand-alone 2000 litre water tanks and bowsers, with built-in gravity fed taps, which are ideal for remote sites where mains water supply is unavailable or inadequate. Our tanks and bowsers can support facilities such as mobile welfare units and trailers as well as fulfil catering requirements.

2000, 5000 and 10 000 litre static water tanks are available fitted with (ball control) float valves. These water tanks are then connected to the on-site mains water supply and plumbed into welfare units etc. via 110/230v single phase or 415v three phase electric on-demand water pumps.

Watermills also supply 230v electric and gas-powered water heaters, along with catering sinks and hand wash stations.

Watermills is a supplier of British bottled water. This is available in 330/500ml, 2 litre and 5 litre bottles. These are delivered by the pallet. Water bottle refilling stations are also available.

Water for Special Effects

Watermills supplies safe potable water for practical effects, including skid pans, rain effects, moving water, flood, and ocean scenes.

Watermills has the expertise and experience that’s required to supply your water special effects’ needs. From rain effects to an ocean scene requiring over 200 000 litres for a purpose built pool, Watermills has supplied bulk water by tanker to productions for a wide range of water effects.

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