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Water Supply Services for Construction Sites

Watermills supply potable drinking and waste water services to UK building sites for welfare and site services.

Watermills ensure uninterrupted water supply to any construction site, large or small, with bulk water delivery and water storage, as well as bespoke temporary water supply infrastructure, and a range of drinking water distribution choices.

We can be onsite from start to finish; our specialist team of drivers and installation technicians have the training and experience to establish safe and effective water delivery and supply, to construction sites across the UK.

construction site water supply

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Bulk Water Delivery

Watermills supply high quality potable water.

We supply bulk water and welfare services to the construction industry, both large and small to suit your requirements. We are able to supply uninterrupted water supply using our tankers, bowsers, static tanks and drinking water station services to facilitate water replenishment whenever required.

Bulk delivery vehicles are available in;

  • 2000 litres (4×4 towed bowser)
  • 15,000 litres
  • 20,000 litres
  • 30,000 litres
Water tanker delivering construction site water
static drinking water tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Watermills provide a wide range of Water storage options to allow for a continuous supply to off mains water locations.

Drinking Water Storage Tank Range:

  • 2000 litre static water tanks with 2 x built in gravity fed taps
  • 5000 litre static water tanks
  • 10 000 litre static water tank

Large Capacity Water Storage 

Watermills supply high quality potable water.

For larger sites we can supply a complete water solution for your site providing high capacity water storage with our Pillow tanks. Providing a full pressure alternative to main water water supply.

Drinking Water Storage Pillow Tank Range:

  • 50 000 litre water pillow tanks (bladder tanks)
  • 100 000 litre water pillow tanks (bladder tanks)
pillow tanks for water storage
static drinking water tanks

Building Site Welfare

Watermills can provide a full temporary water supply solution to any building site, or any part thereof, inclusive of: water storage tanks; water pump and plumbing.  Watermills can also deliver safe, potable water by bowser or tanker to any site that does not have a mains water supply.

Water supply for:

  • Drinking water
  • Rest Rooms
  • Washing Facilities





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