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Bulk Water Supply and Delivery

Using custom made water tankers and 4×4 towed bowsers, Watermills delivers potable water in high volumes nationwide 24/7. From 2000 litres to 30,000 litres in one load, we deliver in rapid response for emergencies, and offer tanker support for any event.

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Drinking water delivery tanker

Bulk Water Supply and Delivery

Watermills provide bulk drinking water deliveries and transfers for commercial, domestic and utility companies. In an emergency such as loss of supply, low pressure or contamination issue, we can quickly deliver high volumes of water to your location.

Bulk delivery vehicles are available in;

  • 2000 litres (4×4 towed bowser)
  • 15,000 litres
  • 20,000 litres
  • 30,000 litres

Temporary Bulk Water Supply Solutions

Where mains water network is interrupted or contaminated, Watermills can provide a replacement temporary water supply. Depending on the scale and duration of the problem, we achieve this by delivering:

Bulk bottled water (up to 22 pallets per vehicle)

  • Rigid chassis water tankers 15,000 and 20,000 litre capacity
  • 30,000 litre articulated water tankers
  • 2000 litre water bowsers, equipped with gravity fed taps
  • Temporary bulk water storage tanks (2000 to 100 000 litres capacity) along with high volume water pumps, in order to plumb a temporary water supply into a building etc.

Water Services to Construction Sites and Events

For many years Watermills have supplied a wide range of water services to construction sites and events. Watermills provides locations without adequate mains water supply a safe, quality assured, and convenient alternative.

Our bulk water deliveries and temporary bulk water solutions are available across the UK.

Call 01276 858 869 or email info@watermills.net for help, information or a bulk water quotation.

Drinking Water Delivery

Using our custom made drinking water tankers, with their high volume onboard pumps we are able to make drinking water deliveries quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss.

Our vehicle fleet is FORS registered and controlled centrally, with the operations team ensuring that the route used to make the water delivery is the most expedient, thus minimising our impact both on the environment and other road users.

Every tanker is equipped with a minimum of 50 meters of hose as standard, with more available upon request.

Drinking Water Storage

All Watermills equipment used in the transportation, transfer and subsequent storage of bulk drinking water is WRAS approved and Reg. 31 compliant.



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