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About Us

Watermills provides alternative wholesome water supply, emergency water supply and associated water supply consultancy services.

Our water supply services range from;

  • Provision of wholesome drinking water to construction sites under H&SE legislation
  • Provision of wholesome quality water for all uses where a piped supply is unavailable or inadequate
  • Provision of whole drinking water to outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, catering services and film locations
  • Contingency planning for water supply interruption
  • The equipment we utilise is prepared for use with drinking water, the materials comply with the water regulations and are all WRAS approved
  • The services we offer are centred on the delivery of safe, clean, disinfected tanks, tankers and bowsers
  • Watermills operates on a 24/7 basis. We are always available to provide an efficient, effective solution to all your drinking water challenges

Construction and Industry

Requires wholesome quality water for many uses including welfare and concrete production. A typical enquiry might be from a site requiring a temporary drinking water installation for the on-site canteen, toilets, showers, welfare units or offices.

To supply wholesome water to a site, we will deliver one of our prepared tanks, install it close to the welfare unit and fill it with drinking water from a dedicated drinking water tanker. The tank is then connected through an electric demand pump to the water connection of the welfare cabin and standpipes. Often the site will ask us to chlorinate (disinfect) the pipe work to the welfare units.

Other services also can be offered at the same time. We can install water standpipes in line from the service pipe for cement mixing, cleaning purposes or dust suppression.

Civil engineering projects also require differing services such as diamond cutting, hydro demolition or drilling; soak-away testing, soil stabilisation and even watering grass seed on large playing fields in water pipelines and fuel tank stabilisation.

Events and Festivals

Also provide us with logistical challenges due to their size and location.

Many event sites have a limited (or no) wholesome water supply available and the infrastructure may be insufficient for a large amount of people.

Our work may involve the provision of storage tanks and separate surrogate water distribution pipes to designated water points for campsites, caterers, contractors’ facilities and for larger stage events, the water supply to the VIP backstage area and for crowd hydration at front of house.

Toilets and showers will require large volumes of potable water at specified flow and pressure; Watermills are familiar with these demands.

Marathons, Fun Runs and sports events also require drinking water often utilising our mobile 2,000 litres capacity bowsers for this purpose to keep the water stations topped up with flexible filling hoses to quickly fill the drinking cups and our cool bottled water service to provide chilled water around the course.

Surrogate water mains allow water stations with standpipes or direct connections to ball valves on drinking tanks to be located around the site; thus enabling maximum flexibility of the site with no limits to expand the event because the exhibition areas are not restricted by access to water.

Horticultural and Agricultural

Large volumes of wholesome water at constant flow and pressure. Any variance in supply can cause major process problems and Watermills are familiar with the demand of this industry.

Why We Are Different…

We supply wholesome drinking water as standard. As the UK’s favourite specialist in the transport, storage and distribution of drinking water Watermills can give you peace of mind that the water you are supplying is wholesome and fully compliant.


“We have used Watermills for many years to provide bulk water deliveries for our Ice Pigging operations. The team are really helpful, reactive and most importantly, dependable.”

Ice Pigging is a pipeline cleaning process utilising a two-phase ice and liquid slurry which forms a semi-solid plug within the pipe known as the Ice Pig.

What is Ice Pigging

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