Construction water supply. We supply a range of bulk water services to the construction industry, emphasising the challenge of health and safety requirements for safe drinking water on site. Providing welfare services and high volumes of water to suit your requirements.
festivals and events, We supply to a wide range of events with drinking water infrastructure, water storage, on-site plumbing and waste water management. Providing wholesome water to any event be it corporate, sporting, agricultural and music festivals.
Bulk water WaterMills provide bulk drinking water deliveries and transfers for business homes and utility companies, moving large amounts of water for where it is to where it needed.
Emergency water supply, We supply a 24/7 emergency water supply service for the UK, our large fleet of tankers and bowsers nationwide can get to any emergency where there is water outage. Contamination in the water supply has devastating consequences.


Based in Surrey, Watermills Events Ltd was founded to provide alternative drinking water supply services nationwide.

We specialise in providing solutions designed to our client’s requirements effectively, efficiently and ethically on a 24/7 basis.

Watermills supplies bulk water services from 2,000 litres to 30,000 litres using our extended fleet of custom articulated tankers and 4x4 towed bowers. Our drinking water tanks vary from 1000L to 75,000L capacity, we install temporary pipework infrastructure for any event, pump fed from the mains or our own buffer tanks to supply showers, toilets, welfare units, our polyklyn wash hand & drinking water stations and caterers.

Our unique waste water systems are designed to manage waste water which is not suitable for general disposal, it is either held in our IBC tanks or removed from site depending upon volume and requirements.

We can also provide various sizes of bottled mineral water in bulk which is sourced in the UK. Or alternatively Waterdock, a new innovative drinking water station that promotes the reuse of plastic bottles using patented technology.


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BS8551 Guidelines

drinking water

Industry guidelines explaining the processes and procedures which should be adopted to ensure a wholesome water supply for temporary installations and how to demonstrate due diligence in maintaining compliance with Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations

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